What Is Modal Fabric?

Modal fabric is a popular fabric used in clothing and everyday household items. Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber, a type of rayon. Modal fabrics are made by spinning cellulose reconstituted from trees. Cellulose usually comes from beech trees.

How does Modal affect the environment?
Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from Beechwood and sourced from sustainable forests. Therefore, Modal is an eco-friendly choice.

There are many advantages to using modal as a fabric. Modal products have the good softness and excellent hygroscopicity. On the one hand, the fabric is breathable and about 50% more absorbent than cotton, which makes it ideal for sportswear. But it’s also almost as smooth as silk.

Like all other cellulose fibers, modal remains colorfast and absorbs dyes when washed in warm water.

These characteristics make modal so popular among sportswear and sportswear manufacturers.

Another reason this fabric is so popular today is that it resists shrinkage better than many of its counterparts. The fabric is very stretchy and can easily fit any body shape.

Inevitable disadvantages:​

Allergies: wearing clothes made of modal fabric may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Durability: although the material is flexible, its elasticity also destroys the original structure, making it impossible for clothing to be used for a long time; similarly, these clothes are more likely to wear.

High cost: the cost is higher than that of cotton and viscose.

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