Two-thirds of Americans Buy More Online Than Before COVID-19

Aston Garment has learned that two-thirds (66%) of Americans are buying products online more frequently since COVID-19, according to a study by consulting firm MARCO. Despite inflation and the recession, demand for online shopping remains very high in the U.S. MARCO also studied the trends and behaviors of Americans shopping online over the past two years, and the following are specific findings.

The study found that clothing and fashion items (44%) are the most purchased products by Americans online. This is followed by tickets to concerts and sporting events (41 percent) and airline tickets (40 percent). Americans are least likely to buy medicines (55%) and cosmetics (52%) online, preferring to visit offline stores for these two categories.

On the other hand, television commercials (33%) and influencer recommendations (29%) are two important factors driving Americans to make online purchases. Americans trust the information they see on TV the most, and their most trusted social media platform is Facebook.

Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO, said that although the outbreak wave has passed, consumer buying behavior has not yet fully recovered. Retailers are facing a wide variety of target audiences, and in order to provide quality and effective communication, retailers must fully understand the buying hotspots of different audiences.

In another study that supports this view, Mintel, a global private market research firm based in London, believes that brands increasingly need to engage consumers in decision-making and management. Consumers are influencing brands through their spending power and vocalization. In addition to recognizing that “the customer is always right,” consumers will invest, co-create and implement change with brands. Brands need to listen to respond to this demand while optimizing innovation in the marketplace.

Jeremy, senior vice president of marketing at Aston Garment, believes it’s more important than ever for brands to listen carefully to what consumers are saying, which is why people spend time browsing customer reviews on Amazon.

Brands can also spend more time understanding what consumers of competing products are saying. For example, why consumers praise other people’s brands is a strength of competing products that you need to learn from. Consumers are not satisfied with the competitor’s products, which is something your brand needs to circumvent.

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