Tips For Communicate With Clothing Manufacturers Overseas

Did your supplier misunderstand your request? During the communication process, how can you communicate to the manufacturer, resulting in stable quality assurance?

No challenge is insurmountable, but choosing to turn a blind eye will only waste your time and energy and create bigger problems for your business. Here are tips on how to communicate your message when working in the apparel manufacturing industry:

1. Use short words, and short sentences.

2. Don’t use any slang, abbreviations, or misspellings.

3. Don’t try to teach the factory new terms and vocabulary. Use what they already know for accurate understanding.

4. Use pictures when necessary.

5. Use bulleted or numbered lists to help suppliers more easily respond to different points of view

6. Think before sending an email. Often you have to send another email because you forgot something

7. When information is transferred from one person to another, they are easily lost. Limiting the number of people who can contact you can help.

8. Be polite and confident.

9. Maintain the ability to learn and adapt to challenges that will allow you to outperform your peers and lead to long-term benefits and business success.

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