Steps to Starting an Online Boutique

With more and more people shopping online and social media platforms integrating more shopping features, now is a great time to start your own online business.

If you love fashion, design and accessories, then an online boutique is perfect for you. But launching a business is so simple. People can’t seem to find the information and don’t know where to start.

So in this blog, I will show you how to get started and show you the exact steps to officially start, just like starting a legitimate business.

Let’s start with the first step!

Step 1 is the most important step in starting a business, and that is choosing a business name. This is the name you will use for everything, like your social media, your business documents, etc. On Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and all other sites you have to pick a name that no one has ever used. Be sure the name is on anything you can think of.

You can search for the business name on GoDaddy and it will tell you if it is occupied and available.

You can search for the business name on GoDaddy and it will tell you if it is occupied and available.

No. 2, just because you are selling online doesn’t mean you don’t need a business license. You need an EIN, a sales tax license, and a business license to sell online.

An Employer Identification Number (aka EIN) will help you protect your Social Security number when you work with IRS. You will need to ask your accountant if setting up your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or S Corp is right for you.

You’ll also need an EIN if you want to set up a business bank account. you’ll need to keep your business finances separate. Having your federal tax ID number and everything set up on the IRS can cause you headaches later.

The exact type of paperwork you need depends on the state or country you are in. It will also vary depending on the products your business entity sells. The last thing you want is to be hit with a heavy penalty for not having the right paperwork in place. After all, we all have to pay sales tax!

Step 3, start sourcing your products
Unless you manufacture your own products, you will need third-party suppliers. You need good ones! You can visit local markets and trade shows. Or look up local makers on Google. But usually, they are also sourced overseas.

If you are open to international partners, you can also browse online marketplaces that sell at wholesale prices, such as,

If you are starting your own baby/toddler clothing brand and already have some ideas, want information on production, labels, hang tags, packaging, printing, heat transfer, and embroidery. We got you!

Aston Garment helps and serves independent fashion brands and large companies and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing, designing and garment production requirements. We supply baby&kids with high-quality recurring and fast-fashion orders design, development, production, and logistic. Custom logos, patterns, tags, packaging, etc.

Also, we have our own professional design and technology department, we offer 30 new clothing collections every year and refresh every week. Many fashion clothing and accessories are in stock ready to ship.

The next step is what platform you will use to do business with to set up your online store. Once you know what you are selling and have set up your brand, it’s time to set up your website and online boutique.

There are many ecommerce platforms available to you. it will depend on what you think is best for your business and what business tools you need to build into the platform.

Shopify is a great place to set up. shopify also integrates with most websites, so it’s easy to add to your site builder.

So I highly recommend you try out the various platforms, do a free trial, and see which ones work better for you and which ones fit your business needs better.

What does each platform offer that you might use in the future or that you would like to use in the future, such as the applications they offer integration with. So you need to think about everything before you build a platform because once you’ve built one platform, it’s going to be very challenging to get your business to grow to another platform.

So step,5, when you build your website, make sure you leave an opt-in for those who are interested in your website to be able to provide their email address so that they will be notified when your store officially launches.
You also have to work on the back end of your website, the product shots, entering your prices, entering the weight of your products, creating banners, creating backgrounds, basically just setting everything up to make your business your business. This is another fun part of these processes to get your online boutique up and running.

Step 6 is to start selling
Start marketing it, start promoting it on your social media and start selling it anywhere and in any way possible. The first people to bring in revenue for your business will definitely be your family and friends, and God wants them to support you in your dreams.

Boutique owners have many options to create their own websites and sell clothing online. Take the time to research all the options available so you can feel confident on launch day. I hope this blog has been helpful to you.

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