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In the last blog, we perfected the product detail page and established the product collections. So far, we’ve been focusing on products.

But when you create your own online shopping site, you need more than just products. It needs to help shoppers understand your business, give them a reason to trust you, and feel rest assured to give you their money.

The key pages you will typically need to create are:

About us – your story, business history, your values.
FAQs – where you can answer common questions that may be asked about your products.
Policies page – A website terms of use page, cookie notice, privacy notice, shipping policy, return policy, etc.
Contact page – A page containing your social media account, phone number, address, and contact form.
Blog – You can share news about your business or related content that may be of interest to your customers.

All these pages can be created in the same way. Simply go to Online Shop > Pages and click on “Add page”.

About page
An about page is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, for people to meet you, get to know you and to trust you.

You can use pictures or videos to introduce yourself, and your team (if you have one), anything that helps this page tell your customers who you are and what you do.

For example, we at Aston Garment, we design and manufacture children’s clothing and it’s like having a face-to-face chat with our customers, explaining what we do, our philosophy, and what we can offer to our customers.

When someone visits our website, if they choose to visit the ‘About’ page to find out more, we want them to get an interesting and heartfelt message.

Contact page
Your contact page is the place where customers can ask questions or get support.

You can add a form. You can then write instructions to help customers get in touch or even link to other pages, such as FAQs, to help shoppers solve their own problems in the first place.

You can also install a live chat application to make it easier for shoppers to access support.

Blog page
To create a post, go to Online Store > Blog Posts and click on ‘Create a blog post.

At first, you can create just one post – a ‘Welcome to my shop’ post or similar; as your shop grows, you can add more content to your blog.

You may have noticed why there is no ‘Home’ page. This is a crucial page, the first page on your website that determines whether a consumer will leave or continue to browse and choose to buy, which we will focus on in our next blog post.

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