Sourcing & Design


If you are starting to build your own children’s clothing line, or if you plan to develop other products and styles, product development planning is the first step and we will work with you to plan, bring your ideas to paper and make them a reality.

Fabrics & Trims Sourcing

Our sourcing staff works with our network of local suppliers to source fabrics including organic fabrics, sustainably manufactured fabrics, and conventionally made fabrics to provide a range of different fabrics, trims, buttons, and zippers for your designs. Custom branded buttons and other materials are also available.


We can use your prototype to make any change you request and make a pattern ready for the new sample, also have a huge selection of stock pattern styles you can choose from let us help you to bring your dream to life.

QC of Samples

After your samples are made, our product development team will check the samples for consistency and if they are good to go.

Create Your Dream Brand Today

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