Several Fabrics Commonly Used In Baby Clothing

Organic cotton: is a kind of non-genetically modified cotton seeds, in accordance with organic agricultural standards and certified cotton, it is not used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the cultivation process, safe and pollution-free. Advantages: soft feel and bright color, organic cotton wear resistance and elasticity will be much better than ordinary cotton, not easy to mildew, breathability is better. The disadvantage is the high cost, the price is more expensive.

Modal: It is pure man-made fiber. Advantages: excellent moisture absorption and breathability, not easy to fade, with a silk-like light feeling, excellent texture. Disadvantages: very easy to deformation, poor wear resistance, easy to break.

Cotton fabric: cotton is a general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. Advantages: easy to keep warm, soft and snug, moisture absorption and breathability are very good. Disadvantages: easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle.

Spandex: It is a fabric made of spandex fiber (short for Spandex polyurethane fiber). Advantages: good elasticity, and good heat resistance, not easy to fade. Disadvantages: Poor moisture absorption. Can’t make clothes alone, often have to work with other fabrics to get good comfort, elasticity, etc.

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