Garment Manufacturing solutions for Fashion Brands

We offer complete solutions for mass production, or individual services according to customer needs.

Fabric & Design Selection

The materials needed for your clothing project, especially fabrics, trims, and other accessories, will be identified. If you’re happy with the design, we’re ready to go.

Full Private Label Production

We have the capacity and skills to service the requirements of high-end fashion and high volume clients.

Quality Control & Compliance

Each garment produced undergoes extensive quality control checks, to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


In the last stages of preparing a product ready, clothes are folded, tagged, and packaged according to customer demands.


Manufacturing custom clothes especially as a start-up apparel brand is a complex process. There are many questions and many considerations you may have as a new apparel entrepreneur. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can answer some essential and basic questions regarding apparel manufacturing and our company.

What is the duration of order receiving?

Astongarment gives 15-20 business days timeframe to all clients but it is only a rough standard estimate. Because we go through all the details with the clients during the process, and get their print approvals, stitching approvals and wait time are added. We prefer to satisfy the client by both quality of the apparel and the timeliness of the order process, but this part requires your cooperation. The duration of the order receives also depends on the quantity and process complexity of the order.

Can I order a sample before ordering?

Yes, you can order a sample before ordering. Pre-production samples are produced in the exact same way as all the garments will eventually be produced on large-scale production. If you would like a sample before putting in actual production order, we can accommodate your request during production but we will have to charge for the sample shipment and ask you to make a reasonable cost.

How do you prefer to be contacted?

We unanimously prefer any form of communication e-mail contact or phone call at Astongarment. But e-mail is more reasonable because of several reasons. The most important reason that we prefer e-mail is because there is much less room for error. Phone calls are verbal and there is no record of the written contents of a phone call only that a phone call occurred. With e-mail, both you and the employees of Astongarment have the full power to review the conversation. This is advantageous to both parties – both Astongarment and you will benefit from written records.

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