Ethically Made High Quality Clothing

ASTON specializes in the ethically proven manufacture of custom children’s clothing. Our facilities consistently produce high-quality children’s apparel and promote the use of sustainable fabrics.

Bulk Production

ASTON offers a full range of fashionable children’s clothing manufacturing services, from garment pattern and accessory making and sample making to full production sewing. ASTON produces large and small quantities and offers the lowest prices for customers who develop garments with us!

Quality Control

During the quality control process, we check various criteria. Each piece must pass this checklist or it will be sent back for review. The production team checks for quality of stitching, fabric properties, embroidery, printing, dyeing, quality and strength of all hand work, label and tag quality, and accuracy of seam-to-seam measurements.


ASTON deep knows what the importance of good product packaging means for your business. All items are steam ironed, neatly folded, individually wrapped, and boxed before being safely shipped to their destination.

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