Popular Baby Clothing Fabrics

Cotton and linen: the general name of cotton and linen blended fabrics. It is cotton and hemp according to a certain ratio, mixed weaving into the product. With the advantages of being breathable, comfortable, and comfortable to wear. At the same time anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, anti-static. Disadvantages: easy to deformation, easy to change color.

Linen: is a plant bast fiber, 30% stronger than cotton fiber. Advantages: cool and comfortable, breathable, moisture-absorbent excellent, while resistant to dirt and antibacterial, not easy to pilling or pilling, and will not shrink, can be machine washed, it is easy to maintain. Disadvantages: linen fiber characteristics determine it is easy to wrinkle, has a poor color fixation, there is a slight fading phenomenon

Nylon: chemically named “polyester amine fiber”, to its excellent performance, and rich raw material resources. Advantages: water and windproof performance, high abrasion resistance, and good elasticity. Disadvantages: easy to age, not breathable, easy to hook silk.

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