Learn How to Choose Wholesale Children’s Clothing For Your Boutique

Why open a children’s clothing line
Matt Powell, sports industry consultant for The NPD Group, said, “The reopening of schools and the reintroduction of sports activities provide an additional boost to the children’s sportswear business this year, with children’s products set to be the star category for sportswear in the third quarter.”

Of course, the strength of the recovery in children’s apparel goes beyond sportswear. According to Statista, the global children’s apparel market was valued at approximately $169 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $239 billion by 2023.

About two-thirds (66%) of parents say their children’s clothing needs are different at home than at school, driving growth in consumer demand for different children’s clothing, according to a survey of U.S. consumers by research firm Monitor.

Where to buy wholesale girls’ clothing.
Two ways: one from a factory and the other from a distributor. If you see that certain styles are selling well and want to follow the trend of selling them, you can choose a distributor. They already have a wide range of clothing styles for you. But this means that others are selling the same styles without your own flair.

If you choose a factory, like ASTON, you can customize logos, patterns, labels, packaging, etc. to showcase your brand, including the ability to customize fabrics, colors, prints, etc. to make your unique designs a reality and proudly display them in your store. We have them in stock and ready to ship, too.

How to wholesale baby clothing

  1. You will need access to inventory in advance, considering production and shipping times. There are also styles, colors, etc. that may be popular. To test the clothing market and clothing styles.
  2. How long is the turnaround time
    You also need to set up your inventory in relation to your own needs. How often do you plan to make a purchase, once every two weeks or once a month? Make sure you have enough money when you are storing very many clothes at one time.
  3. And thank you cards
    ASTON offers custom thank you cards, which will help you maintain a relationship with your consumers and keep them impressed with your brand.

ASTON has many styles of children’s clothing

  1. Baby Bedding
    Pesticide-free organic cotton, certified products to ensure the health of your baby. We respect our workers and make sure only the highest quality craftsmanship and materials are provided! Also committed to environmental sustainability.
  2. Baby Clothing
    We produce high-quality baby fashion essentials including leggings, loungewear, onesies, dresses, pants, t-shirts and pajama sets. Discover new products for your store. You can also customize sizes and baby styles. Start your wholesale children’s apparel shopping trip today!
  3. Baby Security Blankets
    Security blankets are the perfect gift for newborns and toddlers! It can bring a sense of calm and companionship to baby. Choose from our selection of security blankets to find the right style for any child. Our security blankets are perfect for entertaining a baby while on the go, as they are the perfect size to store in a diaper bag with any cloth diapers or spare baby clothes mama brings along.
  4. Baby Accessories
    When parents pick out an outfit, they may want some accessories to go with it. Such as hats, headbands, bibs, etc. A combination sale will motivate them to place an order and boost your store’s sales. Why not purchase some? Maybe it will have a different performance. Get started now.

The above is the ultimate guide on how to choose wholesale kids clothing for your boutique, work with ASTON to make your customers happy and make your business bigger and stronger!

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