How To Make Money Online Kids Clothing Store

OK, now that you have your own store and can start selling, here is a guide with some simple yet effective tips to help you succeed.

Step 1: Take some great photos
When you’re about to buy something, you want to be able to see it clearly, and so do your customers.

First, you need good lighting. You can hang your clothes or lay them flat. Make sure to take photos of the front and back of each garment, including details such as prints or pockets, and a separate photo as well. A photo of a beautiful dress is more likely to be clicked and favored by consumers.

Step 2: Describe honestly
If the customer receives the goods and finds that the description does not mention or deviates from the description, then they will not be happy. Also, many platforms allow customers to leave reviews or feedback on sellers, which can result in you getting negative reviews. If there are a lot of negative reviews, it becomes more difficult to sell the item.

So, honest description, let the customer know exactly what the clothes they received are like.

Step 3: Captivating title
The description is important, which we’ll cover below, but the title is even more important because it’s what makes people click on you in the first place.

When showing up with someone else’s, you need to make sure it stands out.

Use keywords, add colors, functions, and usage scenarios, that is, what words people will search for when they search, and your title should include these words so that people can search for you. But be succinct, you can’t write everything.

Step 4: Great description
Now start writing the description. The details that consumers care about are added to the description.

How is the quality, size selection, postage, instructions for use, maintenance, etc., straight to the point, don’t waste everyone’s time!

Step 5: Set price
You can refer to other people and set the price according to your actual situation.

Step 6: Respond to customers in a timely manner
If someone contacts you with a question about an item and you don’t respond in two days, they may have purchased from another seller who responded promptly.

Also, it is also important to respond warmly and sincerely to customers and give a good impression.

Step 9: Note summary
If you receive similar questions many times, you can summarize them and add them to the description, so that customers can understand it intuitively, and they will also think that you are very professional.

Step 10: Keep updating
If previous customers have developed trust in you, how do you get them to repeat purchases? You can put new products on the shelves, of course, this requires a small amount of testing. So it’s better to have more stuff for them to look at and hopefully buy.

The situation of each seller is different, and the effect may be very different. It needs to be explored and tried. In short, good luck!

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