How to Find A Manufacturer For Your Baby Clothing Boutique?

It’s impossible to meet the growing needs of your customers without having a reliable children’s clothing manufacturer to work with. If you are learning how to start a children’s clothing business, the following will help you.

Fast fashion brands tend to ignore the production side of the business, they usually focus on marketing and advertising investments and they concentrate on how to get more orders. And when orders start to build up, only to suddenly realize that they are not prepared for a reliable clothing manufacturer, which subsequently affects the shipment of orders and shakes the trust of customers, how valuable customer trust is.

What is a garment manufacturer?

What is production?
You have a technical package ready for your branded collection. There may be a sample or a picture. Now how to convert the idea into a bulk order. This is where the apparel manufacturer comes in handy. The production department will mass produce your samples to your specifications. These manufacturers have a sizeable inventory, facing machinery and equipment, and experienced workers.

Types of Apparel Manufacturers
There are different sizes of manufacturers that can be broadly divided into two categories: CMT and OEM, to meet the different niches in the industry.

Cut, Make, and Trim, or CMT for short, the manufacturer cuts the fabric, makes the garment according to the design, and then trims it with accessories. The design and raw materials are provided by the customer, but a few CMT manufacturers may provide items such as hangers and boxes. CMT manufacturers work with businesses of all sizes, from small brands to designer labels.

The advantages of CMT manufacturers are Ideal for startups because CMT operations are flexible and inclusive. CMT manufacturers typically require low minimum order quantities and support 100% custom garments.

The disadvantages are also clear.

  1. These manufacturers tend to be small businesses with fewer than 40 employees. If a brand is experiencing tremendous growth, manufacturers may have trouble keeping pace.
  2. Less specialized, employees may lack experience and expertise
  3. Same management issues as startups, such as poor processes and lack of an effective quality control system
  4. Unstable cash flow and lack of ability to invest and upgrade technology.

OEM, also known as original equipment manufacturer, the brand itself is responsible for the design and development of new products by mastering the core technology, and the specific processing tasks are entrusted to manufacturers by way of contract order. And directly affixed to their own brand trademarks.

Such manufacturers usually have strong technical strength, the process is very convenient, and support custom labels and custom packaging, but the disadvantages are obvious: first of all, they do not support small orders, they need long-term large orders to maintain the factory and operations, and secondly, do not have the ability to design and develop, because they do not need, the brand has designed.

How to find a reliable manufacturer of children’s clothing?

As you know, it is not easy to find the right children’s clothing manufacturer. A good apparel manufacturer must be reliable, taking into account the advantages of CMT and OEM and avoiding their disadvantages – do such manufacturers exist?

Of course! Aston Garment was started in 2016 to help and serve independent fashion brands and large companies and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing, designing, and garment production requirements. We supply baby&kids with high-quality frequent and fast-fashion orders design, development, production, and logistic.Custom logo,patterns,tag,packing etc.

Also, we have our own professional design and technology department, we offer 30 new clothing collections every year and refresh every week. Many fashion clothing and accessories are in stock ready to ship.

We handle the whole supply chain process from designing, creating tech packs, sourcing for fabrics and trims, creating samples, bulk apparel production, packaging, and quality control assessments to arranging delivery of the products.

Above all, we at Aston look at each project as a partnership where quality and the fun of seeing creative ideas come to life are the most important. We believe in a world where anyone who has a creative idea and an internet connection, is able to start their own fashion brand with us.

To date, we have worked with customers from all over the world, more than 40 different countries, and 300 fashion brands, from America to Europe, and growing their fashion businesses and brands.

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