How to Decorating a Children Clothing Store

Children’s clothing store decoration tries to find a professional one-stop design company because they get the materials are wholesale prices, and the quality is guaranteed, so you can save a lot of money and trouble.

Imagine how the color of the walls and the color of the floor match? What kind of style do you want? If not designed at the beginning, it will also affect the subsequent arrangement of furniture.

Don’t forget that it is necessary to do a vertical and horizontal cross configuration in the design.

In addition, your brand should be recognizable from the front of the store. Children’s clothing is different from women’s clothing in that it is difficult to master the taste of the merchandise, and children’s clothing is usually placed on many shelves due to its small size and more styles. As a result, customers can’t find what they want in a crowded and narrow store.

At the same time, the products themselves are very small, so it becomes very important to show them to customers. It can be seen that the visual combination and creative display, directly determine the customer’s stay in the store and purchase willingness. Therefore, when decorating, you have to consider planning the next line of sight problem and then decide on its height. The layout matches the merchandise, and it is recommended to use the layout to show the turnover of the merchandise, which will be more hierarchical.

In the clothing store lighting plays a key role, the same piece of clothing lighted and not set up lighting out of the display effect is completely different, especially by the model for these single displays, be sure to use spotlights to highlight. The color of the light should also be appropriate, blue light gives a very cold, cold feeling (summer clothing), and yellow light gives a very warm feeling (winter clothing).

The fitting room is very important, which is often ignored by store owners, customers make the decision to buy clothes mostly in the fitting room, but many stores have very simple fitting rooms, which can affect the final purchase of customers.

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