How Colors Affect Consumer Buying Behavior

Color plays a very important role in consumers’ purchase decisions, and the vast majority of consumers will take color into account when making purchase decisions.

Color plays an important role in consumers’ purchase decisions, and data show that:

  1. 93% of consumers take color and appearance into account when making purchase decisions.
  2. 85% of consumers said that color was the main decision factor for them to buy products.
  3. 66% of consumers said that they would not buy a product unless the color of the product happened to be their favorite color.
  4. If the colors are properly matched, brand awareness will be increased by 80%. The implication is that color can improve brand recognition by 80%.
  5. Color advertisements in magazines attract 26% more attention than black and white text.

To sum up, more than 90% of consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by visual factors. When consumers subconsciously make purchase decisions 90 seconds later, 90% of them have a preference for the color of the product.

The five most popular colors used by popular brands are blue, black, red, yellow, and orange.

Of course, these different colors often represent different meanings and symbols.

Blue: most popular with men, can improve the credibility of the brand, but also the most frequently used color, most Internet brand’s logo is almost blue, which can demonstrate a sense of credibility and security.

Black, noble and gorgeous, generally suitable for luxury brands.

Red, which brings a sense of haste and excitement, conveys enthusiasm and energy, instantly attracts attention, and can be used to attract impulsive shoppers.

Yellow, give people a sense of happiness and optimism, stimulate the logical center of the brain, encourage communication, and the general social APP like to use yellow.

Orange, which brings excitement, can be used to evoke action, represent trust and warmth, friendliness, and promote action leading many sports brands to like to use the orange logo.

Shrewd marketers use color psychology to package or display their products to influence customers’ purchase decisions. Have you noticed that the word “sales” is often red? And some colors are related to the price. For example, some people think that yellow products are cheaper.

With this knowledge, marketers can build their brand image, then influence the decisions of potential customers and increase sales.

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