Best Marketing Tools For Shopify

How to direct customers to your Shopify website? You can promote your eCommerce website with the best marketing tools for Shopify.

1. Google Ads
You can use Google Ads for Shopify marketing. You can advertise your site in search results so that it appears at the top of related searches. When someone searches for your product on Google, your ad appears before the organic search results. While users will know it’s an ad, it’s a great tool for brand awareness.

2. Email Marketing
abandoned shopping cart
When someone leaves your site without checking out, automatically sending an abandoned cart message can help you get them back (though not everyone).

‌You can automatically send these emails at a set time, such as an hour after someone abandons their cart. They usually say “Did you forget something?” or something like that. It is also not recommended for more than 3 days after 24 hours.

There are many reasons to leave a cart. They may have changed their minds and decided not to buy the product, or they may just be distracted or leave your site to find something else.

Old customers
You can email your old customers to let them know about a new product or a new promotion. Such as seasonal sales and promotions on discounted items. Also, track anniversary dates or birthdays and email customers with a one-time coupon or discount code on their special day.

3. Content Marketing
If you use Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media tools to promote your Shopify store, then you need to update your content regularly. Publishing your product videos on YouTube is also a good option.

4. Connect with influencers
Over the past decade, social media savvy people have used platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to build massive audiences. From fashion to environmentalism, most industries have influence. No matter what you sell through Shopify, you likely have an influencer to help promote your brand and get it in front of consumers.

You can start by searching for keywords to find influencers in your industry. Once you figure out who they are, reach out to them to form a partnership. You may also be required to pay for collaboration if the other party has a large following.

Generally speaking, people with many followers are more expensive than those with few followers. Working with those with less than 100,00 followers is usually more affordable for small businesses.

‌Familiarity with the marketing tools listed above should give you a good idea of ​​where to start with your promotional strategy. Different strategies are more appropriate when you are just starting out, and other strategies tend to be better when you are more mature.

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