Are Baby Clothes Profitable?

It is a fast-growing market

According to Statista, the global children’s apparel market will reach 71.761 billion pieces in 2021, with sales of $237.975 billion.

The data shows that T-shirts, baby clothes, sports, swimwear, shirts, and coats (jackets) will be the fastest-growing categories in the global children’s apparel consumer market in 2022.

The global retail online trend has gradually accelerated, giving rise to the migration of consumption patterns from offline to online. According to statistics, the overall retail sales of e-commerce in major countries in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific experienced a high growth rate of more than 15% in 2019-2020.

The continued growth of global online shopping users, the extremely high spread of social media, and the rapidly growing coverage of e-commerce have led to a gradual rise in global parental acceptance and consumption enthusiasm for online shopping. Compared to adults, children in a fast-growing stage have a higher frequency of clothing size turnover, and parents are more proactive in their purchases in order to get their children into the right size clothes.

Are you ready?

  1. Market research
    Go to Amazon, eBay, or other e-commerce platforms and search for the best-selling options. On most platforms, you can see what’s hot. Another important piece of research is keywords. Data-driven decisions are always the best. Using free tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner, or paid tools like Ahrefs, you can gain insight into what people are searching for when they shop online.
  2. Choose the right materials
    Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics. It is very soft and will not irritate your baby’s skin. It also absorbs moisture and makes babies feel cool and comfortable. It is also durable and does not easily lose its shape or color, which is great for clothes that are washed frequently. the vast majority of Aston Garment’s children’s clothing selects natural and organic cotton fabrics, as well as crepe and bamboo fibers
  3. Create the design
    The garment maker produces from a technical package you provide. While this step may sound scary to those who are not designers, don’t worry, Aston Garment has our own professional design and technology department, we offer 30 new clothing collections every year and refresh every week. Many fashion clothing and accessories are in stock ready to ship.
  4. Mass production of products
    Aston Garment handles the whole supply chain process from designing, creating tech packs, sourcing for fabrics and trims, creating samples, bulk apparel production, packaging, and quality control assessments to arranging delivery of the products.
  5. Start selling online
    Refer to your peers, calculate costs and profits, set the right price, and you’re ready to start selling baby clothes on Shopify, Selling, Amazon, and more.

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