About Us

Henan Aston Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional fashion manufacturer and supplier of baby clothing, children’s clothing, textile goods, and so on.
We strive to be the best sourcing experts for wholesalers, retailers, and distributors.
With over 20 years of industry experience, astongarment.com has assembled an expert team of professionals, we provided quality services to customers around the world.

Social Responsibility

As a company with a long history, we are well aware of our social responsibilities, and we hope to make more contributions to our customers, employees, and society, and live up to the trust placed in us.


Our company sees itself as having a responsibility to act sustainably. It’s not only to protect the environment but also in the interests of our employees and business partners.

Health & Safety

Maintain health and safety at work, especially ensuring a safe and healthy work environment to avoid accidents and injuries.


We support social institutions and activities in the fields of health, culture, and sport, share love and happiness wherever.


Grow exponentially with our customers by proving to them constantly that we are their best choice.

More Than 1000 Partners Trusted

Customer Experiences

This company was able to help me with all my inquiries and most importantly, they delivered high quality products. I will order more and i really recommend them. Thank you for your service!



Thank you for always finding a way to help me out and is very good when I need to add something to my order or take things off. Very professional and I will be working with them again for sure.


United Kingdom

We had the best experience with Henan Aston Garment Co!!! Not only was the service exceptional, but really helped us navigate the process!! The quality was amazing as well!! We will be loyal customers for years to come!


United States

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